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Die For Valhalla! Is Now Available For Xbox One

Die for Valhalla! is an action RPG where you hack, slash and crush your enemies! Possess and take full control of heroes, monsters and other things to help Vikings save their realm!

You are a Valkyrie, from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”. You embark on a quest that will lead you through strange lands where Norse Mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos. Sounds Weird? Well, because it is!

NOTE: Buy now and save 20% – limited time offer.

Product Info:
Developer: Monster Couch
Publisher: Monster Couch
Website: Die For Valhalla!
Twitter: @monstercouch

By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

Lawrence "Larry" Hryb, also known by his Xbox Live gamertag "Major Nelson" is the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live. Major Nelson website.