Download Station: Retrieve Partial Downloads

You may find some downloads get to 99.9% complete and then stop, never to finish. When this happens the likelihood is that the download is complete but has just got stuck, however you can’t see the files as they are still stored in a hidden temp folder called ‘@download’. Follow these steps to retrieve partial downloads from a Synology NAS.

1. Login to the DSM (Disk Station Manager) as ‘admin’ and enable the telnet service under ‘Network Services > Terminal’
2. Create a new share under ‘Privileges > Shared Folder’ and call it temp. Read/Write permissions should be left open, the folder can be deleted when we are finished.
2. Open command prompt in windows and start a new telnet session

telnet: (Where ‘’ is the IP of your diskstation)

3. Enter ‘root’ as the username, press enter
4. Enter your admin password, press enter
5. Type the following

"mount --bind /volume1/@download /volume1/temp"

6. Navigate to the new shared folder in windows (\\\temp\) entering your user credentials when prompted, you may want to map a drive to it for ease of access.
7. Each of your partial downloads will be located under separate folders, copy the data you require to another folder.

Once you have successfully retrieved the partial downloads, you can stop and remove the downloads via download manager. You may then want to delete the temp folder.

Appendix A: If the telnet command is not recognised you need to first install the telnet service via Add/Remove Windows Components, or if you’re running Windows 7 with the following command (administrator privileges):

"pkgmgr /iu:TelnetClient"

By Myles Freeman

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