Download Station: IP Blocklist installation

Here is a solution for enabling IP Filter block list on Download Station:

1. Telnet your NAS (login as root)

2. Edit file /var/packages/DownloadStation/scripts/start-stop-status (you can use vi)
Disable line “rm ${PACKAGE_DIR}/etc/download/settings.json” (add ‘#’ to the beginning of the line)

3. Edit file /var/packages/DownloadStation/etc/download/settings.json (you can use vi)
Set line “blocklist-enabled” to true
Set line “blocklist-url” to “”

4. Create a script file and schedule it:
touch /etc/blockme
chmod +x /etc/blockme
add this file for executing every 24 hours in Synology task scheduler

5. Edit the file and copy this (you can use vi):

# Script for blocking IP's

# Declare temp files

# Delete file if exist
if [ -f $temp_gzip_file ]; then
rm $temp_gzip_file

# Set user and password

# Obtain file. Bluetack Level 1
wget -O - "$user&pin=$pin" > $temp_gzip_file

# Delete file if exist
if [ -f $temp_down_file ]; then
rm $temp_down_file

# Extract file
gzip -d $temp_gzip_file

# Set time
touch $temp_down_file


6. Set user and pin to the required values for obtaining the block file (or edit wget command for pointing to another link). File format should be like this:

description 1:
description 2:


7. After doing that, when you add your first torrent to download, it’ll create a file /var/packages/DownloadStation/etc/download/blocklists/level1.bin

8. This’s working for torrent client, I don’t know if it works for emule client. If not, you can try to edit /var/packages/DownloadStation/etc/amule/ipfilter.dat file

By Myles Freeman

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