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Countdown to 2014 Daily Deal Day 4: Castlevania Collection

On sale today only: Lead the Belmont clan against ancient evil in new and classic Castlevania titles.


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Castlevania LoS – Mirror of Fate HD Arcade 50%
Castlevania SotN Arcade 66%
Castlevania HD Arcade 66%
Castlevania HD add-ons
Getsu Fuma Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Extra Stage: The Legend of Fuma  Add-on 50%
Extra Stage: Origins  Add-on 50%
Simon Belmont Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Extra Stage: Lord of Flies  Add-on 50%
Extra Stage: The One Who Is Many  Add-on 50%
Julius Belmont Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Yoko Belnades Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Music Pack 2  Add-on 50%
Maria Renard Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Richter Belmont Character Pack  Add-on 50%
Music Pack 1  Add-on 50%
Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire Map Pack  Add-on 50%

Check back tomorrow for another daily deal, and be sure to check out which titles are on sale all week.


By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

Lawrence "Larry" Hryb, also known by his Xbox Live gamertag "Major Nelson" is the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live. Major Nelson website.